less than kind

Less Than Kind is one of my favorite shows that isn’t actually made in the United States. Unfortunately due to this fact I am not able to visually digest the greatness that is Less Than Kind. Unlike most shows I watch it is realistic and also in Canada. This shows is about a Jewish family living in Winnipeg and trying to maintain their family business; the driving school. Their are a lot of problems with love lives and family issues but they all seem to work out. One day I saw an episode that the father, Maury Chaykin, was dead in bed and noticed that they didn’t show his face. I went to see online why he was killed off the show.

I usually do some research when I love something awesome I see on television, so I inevitably I Wiki’d Less Than Kind and clicked on the links of the actors that were available. I read that Maury Chaykin died in 2010 and I felt really bad after reading that. I was really happy to see that the show was still going on.

Another set of unfortunate news deals with the show showing their last season. I really hate to see this show get cancelled but I really cant do anything about it. I just hope that The Audience Network continue to broadcast the show and the latest season. I really enjoy watching the show and seeing the adventures the Blecher Family has.

I wish that the show would get picked up by America’s HBO network or FX and it would be easier to view. I would be proud to support Less Than Kind and the great acting shown throughout the show. I feel like I am apart of the Blecher Family every time I watch and I hope that I can fall in love with another show that is similar. I want a show to enthrall me and make me apart of it. That is what I am looking for and I am glad to have known Less Than Kind when I did.

I am a senior in high school now and by the fall I will be attending UNCG, or University of North Carolina in Greensboro. I love watching television and it does get in my way of school sometimes but I always get my work done. I hope to double major in Media Studies and English to focus on Journalist if writing television shows and movies don’t go as planned.

I live in a small town called Windsor and it is filled with trees and farms. I work really hard in school just to get good grades so that I may be able to get out of the town. Living here and staying here wouldn’t be a very ambitious or smart idea. I have seen plenty of examples of what this town can do to you after graduating high school and not moving forward.

Right now I am graduating  in four more days and I will be ever so happy when I can finally be done with high school. Leaving Bertie County will symbolize my freedom and my drive. I will be free from the metaphorical chains that hold me to a place where opportunities are scarce and fun is not really an option.

The things I’ll miss about my school are my awesome teachers that have inspired me and encouraged me through the years. Those teachers that have given me the knowledge to get me to where I am today have made a difference and I appreciate that. I appreciate all the teachers who cared about me and my future. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

In closing, this blog will talk about my favorite television shows. I absolutely love talking about them and the things that make them awesome. Most importantly I learn from these shows and I can be a better writer because of these shows I “study”.

This is my life and hopefully I will be able to fulfill my dreams. This is just the first step.